057. Leaving of Liverpool

Leaving of Liverpool   

Fa-arewell to Pri-ince-e's Landing Stage
River Mersey, fare they well
I am bound for Ca-ali-ifo-rnia
And I know that I return someday

Refrein:                                                                                                       So-o fere they well, ma-ay own true love
And when I return united we will be
It's not the leaving of Liverpool that greaves me
But my darling when I think of they

I am bound for Ca-ali-ifo-rnia
By way of stormy Cape Horn
And I'm bound to wri-ite you a le-etter, love
When I'm ho-omewa-ard bound one day


I have si-igned o-on a-a Yankee ship
Davy Crockett is her name
And her Ca-aptain's na-ame i-is Bu-urgess
And they say she is a floating Hell


Fa-arewell to lo-owe-er Fre-ederick Street
Ensign Te-race and Parklane
For I think it wi-ill be a lo-ong, long time
Be-efo-ore I see you-u again


Oh the sun is o-on the-e ha-arbour, love
And I wish I could remain
For I know it wi-ill be a lo-ong, long time
Till I se-e you one da-ay again

.....Refrein: TWEE KEER